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This journal aims to map a future through increasingly troubled and uncertain times. To inform the people power movements crucial to addressing the crises coming upon us at national and global levels, from increasing national divisions and breakdown of institutions, to the climate crisis. I offer four decades of experience in activism and journalism, working on issues ranging from climate to urban sustainability, forest preservation and endless wars. I offer my insights, seek out the best voices from emerging movements, and highlight books new and old that help us navigate through the coming years. I intend to keep access mostly free to reach the broadest number of people, many of whom are economically stressed, particular young people and members of disadvantaged communities who are at the forefront of today’s movements. They might have a hard time affording subscriptions. I need the support of people who can to sustain my work. Please subscribe today, and at a Taking Flight rate if you can.

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Progressive activist and journalist since 1981. Lived in Seattle since 1998, and the Pacific Northwest, aka Cascadia, since 1977.