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This was an excellent article! I have this book by Scheidler, and am trying to read it... but I keep getting sidetracked -- mostly, lately, by my own writing. E.g., https://rword.substack.com/

I'm so glad to have found The Raven! I learned of it from the Counterpunch republication of this article.

Perhaps one day you will have time to hold a conversation in text with me (email, no pressure or deadlines, slowly) for publication in our respective Substack spaces. I want to move on -- largely -- from publishing essays and articles to publishing conversations with people like yourself.

Anyway, thanks! And thanks for making paid subscription optional. I'll eventually send you some grocery money.

PS - The thingy says I write at The Heron House, which is true. But I've been neglecting it as I focus most of my writing energy at The R-Word - https://rword.substack.com/

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Yes, let’s talk. Enjoy conversations. You will find a lot about people power organizing and direct action as you scroll back through my posts. We need a revolution of a different kind.

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Awesome! I look forward to (ideally) a typed out (email) conversation for publication in your Substack space and mine.

At the moment I'm writing an essay about what I call "the communal sphere". I should publish it today. It may be a bit of a bomb landing on sociology, anthropology, political philosophy, history.... I've been working on these ideas for a long time and the ideas are beginning to mature. I'm hoping to toss a monkey wrench into conventional thinking in these fields.

Looking forward!

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Very thought provoking; been a while since I read something similarly critical "outside the box" thinking! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more. Cheers.

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Great Article ! A portrait of a very traumatized species that lives in a constant fear of 'allOther' and finds substitute satisfaction in the accumulation of things. A species that gave up its social-emotional intelligence and conditioned itself into a obsessive compulsive disorder by repeating the old mistakes over & over again. - HomoSociopathis

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Hi Patrick -

Please send me an email at jrivermartin at gmail dot com, with "conversation" in the subject line. I'd like to talk with you privately about how we might proceed in our conversation for publication. Thanks!

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Oh: typo @ 3rd paragraph under "Replacing . . ."

Work was shaped NOT

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Thanks, Patrick. I like this lens and historical accounting. Seemed short, looking forward to the next!

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